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What Does GrowthShield Do?

GrowthShield is an app that tracks the status activity of your financial portfolio. When your portfolio reaches certain thresholds that you have set up with your advisor in advance, GrowthShield will alert you, much like an alarm clock that lets you rest until it’s time to wake up. What you do after GrowthShield’s alert — place a stop order, reallocate funds, reinvest or simply review your portfolio with your advisor — is solely up to you.

You protect your home, car and prized possessions with alert systems. Why wouldn’t you protect your money the same way? GrowthShield, safeguard your livelihood — you’ve earned it.



GrowthShield has been tested over and over for dependability. Now, instead of observing about the ups and downs of the market — and managing the worry that comes with such an activity — there is a “market-watching” technology to take care of this for you.



As Warren Buffet and many other investment sages have said, emotions play a large role in convincing people to make choices in the market that are less than positive for their portfolios. GrowthShield all but eliminates those risks by making it transparent to investors when authentic calls to action occur.



Constant vigilance on the part of investors is no longer a necessary ingredient to a successful portfolio. GrowthShield reacts faster than humanly possible, so your days as a worrier and watcher of specific market benchmarks are over.


Not only can GrowthShield eliminate some of the more emotional risks people take in the market, but it can provide them a calm in knowing that a warning system is already in place to protect against the big risks. And as an investor, that kind of equanimity is almost priceless.